Why we use roof tiles

Roof tiles give homes a distinct appeal and elegance. This protective layer of your home also ensures proper drainage and most roof tiles are not just durable but they are generally non-combustible. Roof tiles are also reasonably inexpensive and it is easy to replace or replace small sections which can be very difficult with iron or tin roofs.

Roof tiles do however demand a very solid framework so that they are safe and secure. Roof tiles start at eaves level and rest over and against support beams or battens. The battens be sure that the tiles are certainly not in touch with the deck of your roof and provide the necessary gap for air flow, that will serve as some insulation for your roof. The following layer of roof tiles overlaps usually the one below and it is positioned above it so that rainwater can flow down easily to gutters. At the ridges of roofs, you can expect to require separate ridge tiles that can cover your roof tiles on either side of your ridge. Flashing is also required in which there are any protruding structures such as ventilators or chimneys. Flashing must guarantee that roof tiles are covered and water diverted over their surfaces.

Tiles comes in a number of shapes and configurations and can be made of clay, ceramic or concrete. Some tiles use cellulose which makes them lighter and stronger. You can find tiles of numerous colors and shapes and that provides plenty of architectural possibilities. A few of the clay or terracotta tiles might have glazed finishes which make the roof better equipped to resist moisture and dampness and also dirt. It is also possible to paint tiles which creates a wider range. Cement and concrete tiles are very durable and created from cement combined with pigment and sand and also other aggregates. They will never rot, curl rust or perhaps burn.

They are easy to maintain and also have a lot of strength. Roof tiles manufactured from clay or terracotta create a beautiful look and add a distinct character to your home. They also actually get tougher while they age and may survive the worst of weather conditions.

Gutter Maintenance – By Roof Restoration Brisbane

Roof Restoration - Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance is essential and being a home (or potential home owner) you need to be aware that this is a maintenance task that you need to take care of at least once or twice a year.

If you are in an area that has a dense tree population, then you would be wise to carry out gutter maintenance more than twice a year. If you don’t have any trees around at all,  you maybe able to reduce the frequency in which you have your gutters cleaned.

If you are lucky enough to have a system such as gutter guard installed then you can virtually eliminate gutter maintenance. Just have your local roofing company inspect your gutters’ health as well as your roof when they come out to do your regular roof inspection.

Keep an eye out on how well secured your gutters are. Sometimes issues with gutters is that they become loose or dislodged over time. Make sure they are secured tightly  by checking retaining brackets and screws including the brackets on the downpipes.

However the biggest issue with gutters involves them filling up with debris. This poses two dangers. The first one is that the debris in the gutters will block or alter the designed path for the water runaway and most likely will result in water over flowing. Water over flowing will definitely not be good for your home – you may end up with serious flooding in periods of very heavy rain and water leaks inside your home.

Secondly, if you have debris build up in your gutters then this could pose a risk in the event of a bush fire. Rotten leaves and twigs are a great fuel for bush fires and having this fuel source actually on your home could result in disaster in a bushfire.

These two dangers make it well worth while the exercise of cleaning your gutters on a regular period.

If you have metal gutters (as opposed to aluminium gutters) then your gutters could be vulnerable to rust. When debris is allowed to sit in gutters for long periods of time, it will prevent the surface of the gutter from drying out. Metal sitting around wet for long periods of time will facilitate rust.

Now, your next decision will be to decide if you want to try and clean the gutters yourself, or employ the services of professionals to do them for you. If you are scared of heights, have a double storey home, not good on a ladder, or have a very high roof than I would suggest strongly that you get an expert roofing company (such as Roof Restoration Brisbane) to carry out the gutter cleaning for you.

If you are somewhat handy, and think you are capable of cleaning the gutters yourself, then absolutely make sure you are taking care of your personal safety first and foremost. Do not take any risks while on the roof or up a ladder. And absolutely do not attempt this task if it is raining.

A small scoop or shovel should help assist in cleaning the debris from your gutters. For some types of petrol leaf blowers, there are actually gutter attachments available which will allow you to blow out the gutters from the ground. It’s a very messy exercise but it’s the most safest (except for wayward spiders!).

If you are thinking about getting an expert roofing company to do the work for you, then think Roof Restoration Brisbane. They are expert roofers, great at cleaning gutters and service the Brisbane region.

House hunting tips

Your Top Three House Hunting Tips

Are you in the process of a house hunting venture? Perhaps you are keen to get on the property ladder for the first time and are hoping to find a great investment property that will prove one of the best decisions of your life. Then again you may already own a property but are ready to move up the property ladder a little, either to better suit your lifestyle or your family size. Of course, there is also the chance that you are in a position to purchase a second property either for financial or pleasure purposes.

Whatever situation you happen to find yourself in one thing is for sure; you would be grateful for any available tips on how to make a great choice! That is why we have prepared a quick guide to your top three house hunting tips that should point you in the right direction of a great property purchasing decision.

House hunting tips
Tips provided by Mortgage Brokers Northern Beaches

1. Look Beyond The Obvious Places

When house hunting, we tend to quickly discover that there are a number of popular websites where most properties are posted. However, as we said, this is where ‘most’ properties are advertised, certainly not all properties! Often those hidden gems that are advertised on local sites or even solely using a real estate agent can be just the property you have been looking for.

2. Get Yourself A Great Real Estate Agent

When it comes to house hunting, a great real estate agent can be worth their weight in gold. Not only will they be aware of properties which are currently on the market, they will also have insight into properties which have not yet been advertised. In addition, they will be able to advise you on up an coming areas which may be worthy of investment, as well as areas which you would be best to avoid.

A great real estate agent will also have exceptional negotiation skills in property sales. This means that, even if the dream property you have found is slightly out of your budget, they may be able to work their magic and see to it that it becomes your new home.

3. Place Plenty Of Advertisement

Do not fail to underestimate the power of one single advertisement. Make use os all of the methods you know of to make people aware of exactly what you are looking for. Of course, online advertising is one of the strongest forms, however don’t forget to also post an advertisement in the local newspaper and even on shop noticeboards if there are any which get a lot of attention.

Certainly, house hunting is an exciting time in life, but it can also have its fair share of stress as well. By following our top three tips above we hope that you will be in a much better position to get your venture well underway. Then all that will be left to do is enjoy turning the key in the front door of your beautiful new home!

The Best Roof Restoration Services Brisbane

Roof Restoration Brisbane ServicesTo find a roof restoration service in Brisbane that will provide you with an excellent deal, you need to consider all of your options. Some companies will provide you with excellent services, but at a much higher price. Others will offer sub-average services whilst still maintaining high prices. It is all too easy to get ripped off.

Like we have done for other regions, we have done for Brisbane. We’ve selected a roofing company and taken away the risks for you. Introducing Roof Restoration Brisbane.

Depending upon your budget, and the type of restoration that they are providing you with, it can be a sizable project.

Roof Restoration Brisbane Services

Roof Restoration Brisbane provide many and all roof related services. First of all, they can work on any type of roofing material that you may have including metal roofs and tiled roofs.

Some of the service offering include;

  • Roof Restorations
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Painting
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Replacements
  • Gutter Installations & Replacements

The expert roofers will inspect your roof, discuss with you their findings an then present you with a solution to suit your needs and your budget. A free inspection and quote service is offered and you feel assured that you know the cost of the restoration before starting the job.

Why Roof Restoration Brisbane?

Most people start looking on the internet for a roofing company which is probably the fastest way to find all of the businesses in your area that offer this type of service. But how do you really know which one to choose? You may get several companies out to give you a quote, which is fine, but how do you know that their work quality will be up there?

Our team have been working with the guys at Roof Restoration Brisbane for a number of years now and are confident that we have found the best roofers in Brisbane. It is in our interests to recommend a reputable company as we depend on repeat business and positive reviews.

You can trust us when we say that these guys are top notch. Their prices are fair for the high quality work delivered, they are reliable and punctual, and above all they know how to listen to you, the customer, and deliver in accordance to your requirements.

How Long Will It Take Them To Complete The Project?

It typically takes no more than one or two weeks to complete these types of projects. For most roofs, a restoration can be completed under a week. There are various factors which can affect the duration of the project including roof complexity and pitch, height (e.g. 2 story roof), site access, weather and supplies availability.

Generally the guys will give you an estimate of how long the project will take when they come and inspect your roof.

Warranty & Insurance

It is a strict rule of ours that every roofing company we work with is properly insured (public liability insurance is an absolute must) and appropriately licensed. We will not work with anyone that does not meet these requirements.

If you’re in the Brisbane area and looking at having your roof looked at then stop looking; we have the roofers that you’ll be recommending to all your friends.

Finding a Roof Restoration Company on the Central Coast

Roof Restoration Central CoastThe population of the Central Coast has seen phenomenal growth in recent years resulting in many new houses and developments. As such, there are also many different types of roofing designs popping up and finding the right roofing company that can work on all types of roofs can be difficult.

Roof Restoration Central Coast has a website that was developed to answer this challenge. The homework and research has been done and Central Coast’s most reliable roofing company has been selected. These guys service all of the Central Coast and are experts in all types of roofs, including tiled roofs, metal roofs and colorbond roofing.

Our roofing company owns and operates their own business and has all the necessary qualifications and licenses. In addition they have the appropriate insurances. Our team will be happy to work on any type of premises, either residential or commercial and will schedule a time that suits you to come and carry out an obligation free inspection. They are unique in carrying listening skills and performing work to meet your needs, not theirs.

The services offered by Roof Restoration Central Coast include;

  • Roof restorations
  • Roof replacements
  • Roof cleaning
  • Roof painting
  • New roofs
  • Re-roofs
  • Gutter installations & replacements

When considering a new roof, the can be a lot to think about and our team will be happy to consult with you and help you with the necessary factors to consider. They’re always conscious of people’s budgets so they will attempt to offer you the most cost-effective solutions first.

Alternatively, restoring a roof will deliver a nice new look to your home and will only cost a fraction of a roof replacement. After carrying out an inspection, our roofing experts will advise you if your roof can be or should be restored. A roof restoration typically involves cleaning the roof, carrying out any required repairs, and then painting & sealing the roof. This can be carried out to most types of roofs. Your roof might be covered in dirt, moss and lichen and this process is perfect for removing them and having your roof looking as good as new.

However, it is difficult to resist the brand new look of a re-roof. Changing from a colorbond roof to a tiled roof or from a tiled roof to a colorbond roof would completely rejuvenate the look of your home. This could be the best way to give your home a completely new look and feel. A new roof will also increase the value of your building. If a new roof is an option for you, call us now – our roofing experts will thoroughly inspect your roof and present you with advice and cost estimates free of charge.

If your home is in the Central Coast area, please call us anytime if you have any roofing needs. Our roofing experts will arrange a suitable time with you to perform a thorough inspection of your roof and discuss with you your requirements.

Hiring Roof Restorers in Geelong

5 Star Roofs - Roof Restoration Geelong

Tips on Hiring a Professional Roofer to do a Roof Restoration in Geelong

For most of the year in Geelong, high quality roof restorations are high in demand. Coupled with poor weather during the winter months that make restorations near impossible, decent roof restorers can get very busy during the warmer months.

This is results in the quality roofers being booked out and unavailable when you need them.

If you keep up to date with some DIY maintenance (see our post “Pointers On Roof Maintenance” for some DIY tips) and regularly carry out inspections on your roof, then you will be aware of the condition of your roof at all times. In the event you suspect any problems, then it is highly recommended that you call a professional roofer early so that by the time they get to you, your problem hasn’t gotten too bad.

If you’re planning for a roof replacement or a roof restoration, and live in the Geelong or surrounding areas, then plan ahead and call your local professional roofer early to give them plenty of time to schedule you in. No one likes to be rushed and to have an outcome that’s best for you and best for the roofer is to give the roofer plenty of time to schedule and carry out your work.

Whilst there are many great roofers in Geelong, there are also many not so great roofers who will charge cheap rates but carry out sub-standard work. Having a poor, or unqualified roofer carry out work on your roof can be a costly mistake as most professional, quality roofers do not like to come and fix others mistakes. Some of the professional guys will understand and rectify problems caused by others without causing any embarrassment to you however you still end up paying more for the job than if you had of got the right roofer in the first place.

For a professional and quality job, expect to pay a bit more than the average quote. You will find the higher quality roofers will also use higher quality roof materials, and will offer a respectable guarantee or warranty with their work. They will also be determined to do the job properly the first time so that you will have no need to call them back to rectify any problems which is usually the case with unqualified or dodgey roofers.

When the roofer inspects your roof and gives you a quote, ask them for some references. A reputable roofer will have no problems in passing on names of previous clients for you to contact and discuss their work – you will find the opposite with shonky roofers as they will be reluctant to pass on any references. Make sure to follow through with calling the references and be confident that the roofer you have chosen is professional and reliable.

Some roof restorers may even carry a portfolio of previous roof restorations for you to look at – just ask the roofer and they’ll be happy to show you.


Pointers On Roof Maintenance

5starroofs - Pointers on Roof MaintenanceLots of property owners think twice before investing cash and time into a roof related project. It’s often the case of out of sight, out of mind. Issues with your roof, however, can snowball into many other issues.

In this post we discuss some DIY roof maintenance tasks, but we highly recommend using professionals such as Roof Restoration Newcastle who helped us compose this post.

A roof restoration and its implied roof repairs cannot be underestimated. It is a worthwhile exercise that should be carried out more regularly than not.

Think about it – your roof pretty much protects your entire building from all of the elements, not only does it protect contents of your home but also building components such as ceilings, internal structures, gyprock, walls, etc.

You can pick up early indications of problems if you carry out regular visual inspections of your roof several times per year. Consider calling a professional roofing company if you find missing or cracked tiles, signs of leaks on your ceilings and walls, and loose or dislodged ridge capping.

Regular DIY maintenance can help prolong the life of the roof.

  1. Check all gutters for build up of leaves and debris and clean them all if necessary. Debris in gutters can restrict water drained and result in overflowing of water to areas of the roof you don’t want water in.
  2. Inspect the roof, checking for foreign items that could be creating an obstruction such as tennis balls, soccer balls, frisbies, etc. Remove any of these items if found as they can alter the flow of water in heavy rain periods.
  3. Check materials made of metal are well coated with paint and do not have exposed bare metal which can rust away within a few years requiring replacement.
  4. If you have a tiled roof, look for any dislodged tiles which can be put back in place. If you find some, carefully manoeuvre them back into place without disrupting the surrounding tiles. If you cannot put them back into place without too much trouble, please consult with a roofing professional. Likewise, if you find any cracked or broken tiles, consult with your local roof restoration company.
  5. If you have a colorbond roof, check for loose sheeting or missing screws. If you’re handy enough, you maybe able to fit new screws where missing and ensure the colorbond sheeting is well secured.
  6. Check any roof vents are clear of debris and are clean. Look around the vent and carefully check the sealant that has been applied, looking for signs of deterioration. You may have to visit your local hardware shop for some roof sealant (make sure you go for high-grade / high quality sealant) to carry out simple repairs if you find the sealant worn.

In summary, simple tasks such as those suggested above carried out regularly, may save you thousands in the long run. Please take caution when climbing up on the roof, and if you have any doubts at all about what you are doing, please consult a professional roofing company. If you happen to live on the Central Coast, check out our new article on Finding a Roof Restoration Company on the Central Coast.

Our post is solely intended to give ideas about roof maintenance and we in no way recommend you get on your roof if you are not a roofing professional and not qualified to do so. Please assess your own situation carefully and make your own judgement about what DIY maintenance you can confidently carry out. 

Image Credit: By KaroraOwn work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2798969

Roof Restorations

Roof Restoration 5starA roof restoration can do wonders for your home or commercial property. A roof that is dirty or worn out will decrease the looks of your home and ultimately decrease the value of your home. In addition, any problems that exist with an old, worn out roof could be allowing internal damage to occur.

A roofing company we recommend in the Campbelltown region is Roof Restoration Campbelltown and a reputable company such as this will carry out a professional inspection of your roof and be able to provide you with an estimate for a roof restoration.

More importantly, the expert roofers will be able to quickly identify any major issues with your roof and report them back to you. This will help you make a decision on the action you need to take. Holding off and delaying any repairs to a faulty roof will end up costing you more in the long run.

Most of the roofs in the Campbelltown area are either metal roofs or concrete tiled roofs. The majority of homes are quite old and so are their roofs thus most are requiring attention in some form. The roof restoration process will identify issues that need repairing, will clean dirt, lichen and moss from your roof, and will include painting and sealing the roof.

This process will transform your roof from an old worn out roof into a brand-new looking roof. Your home will never look better!

In addition, the roof restoration process can include identifying issues with your guttering system. Faults in your guttering can also cause internal issues if water is leaking or overflowing into areas of the house it shouldn’t be. A gutter replacement can be carried out as part of the roof restoration.

We have found that home owners really appreciate being able to chose a new colour for their roof as part of the restoration. Some home owners elect to stick with the existing colour and some like to pick a new colour. Roof painting will be carried out as part of the job and can be applied to concrete tiles and metal roofs.

In summary, the advantages of a roof restoration include;

  • 100% improves the aesthetic appearance of your home
  • Will increase the value of your property
  • Removes years of build-up of lichen, moss and dirt
  • Includes rectification of any faults, e.g. broken tiles, repointing, etc.
  • Repainting/sealing of the roof which prolongs the life of the roof
  • Repainting allows for colour change if desired

4 Issues With Roofs

5starroofing 4 tipsJust how much attention do you pay to the top of your house? A great deal of property owners might not even know what type of roof they have and how important it is to the overall structure of their property.

In this first blog post, I attempt to briefly outline some helpful indicators for you to lookout for with your roof which may help you identify any issues early.

As with many aspects of life, small issues with roofs will wind up being big issues and obviously more expensive issues. It’s wise to address things early.

Some of these items might indicate your roof could do with attention such as a roof restoration, roof clean and roof paint, or worse case roof replacement.

1. Visual Appearance

Given that the roof contributes to such a large overall area of a building, it has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your home. An old roof that is looking tired and worn out will detract from the building’s appearance and also possibly decrease the value of the property.

The roof of a building has a particularly demanding role as it is the main defense against the outside elements. It’s no wonder that time can render a roof looking tired and worn.

A professional roof restoration job will, among other things, remove dirt, lichen and algae from the roof, and also includes painting (or sealing) the roof. The result being an affordable way to have your roof looking new again and refreshing your home’s overall looks whilst possibly increasing the value.

If your roof exhibits any of the following, you might consider a roof restoration;

  • The roof is so discolored you’re not sure what the original color was
  • Covered in mold, lichen, algae and dirt
  • Broken and/or dislodged tiles
  • Missing tiles
  • Ridge capping that is showing signs of wear
  • Rust (in case of a metal roof)
  • Lifting and/or unsecured roofing sheets (metal roofs).
2. Broken, Displaced and Missing Tiles and/or Ridge Capping

You should check your roof carefully and regularly for broken, displaced and/or missing tiles and ridge capping. In the case of metal roofs, check for roof sheets that are unsecured, loose or mis-aligned.

Any of these issues could represent problems that worse than aesthetic appearances. These issues could allow water into the building which can be harmful to the interior of the building.

If you discover any of the above issues, call a roofing professional sooner rather than later. Most roofing companies will be happy to inspect your building and give you advice on what needs to be done and most will also provide you with a free estimate.

A roof restoration will include carrying out repairs to the roof and obviously a roof replacement will eliminate any repairs required.

3. Internal Assessment

After you checked your roof from the outside, you should continue to on to check the interior of your building for signs of roofing problems, particularly if you were unable to check outside thoroughly due to access issues.

Make sure you cover your entire building, go from area to area, look completely at the ceilings, walls, cornices and examine that there is no discoloring that may indicate a water leakage. If you see any mold, this can also indicate the presence of moisture in the roof interior that may have been caused by a leaking roof.

4. Extend the life of your Roof

A roof restoration can be carried out much more cheaply than a roof replacement and if done professionally, will increase your roof’s lifespan. This is because the roof will be cleaned, then painted (aka sealed) with a minimum of 2 coats of protective paint. This protective paint would have been applied to your roof originally, but over time and with having to hold up to the elements, would have deteriorated.

Definition of the term “roof”

Just for fun, the Merriam-Webster website has more information than you ever wanted to know on the definition of the word “roof” – check it out at http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/roof.