How To Clean Your Roof Cheaply And Effectively

Have you started to notice spots or black streaks on your roof? It is time to do a little maintenance and cleaning before that dirt, algae, or fungus becomes a roof damaging issue. Here are the steps to easily clean your roof.

Cleaning roofs

Step 1 – Plan to do your cleaning a cool overcast and low wind day. Wind and heat will cause cleaning solutions to dry out too quickly.

Step 2 – Pre-cleaning – Make sure you do a little cleanup of your roof and gutters before you get started. You want runoff to go down your gutters where you can collect it more easily.

Step 3 – Damage Check – Make sure you don’t have any loose or damaged shingles on the roof. You may want to have them repaired before cleaning.

Step 4 – Mix Your Cleaning Solution – You can buy premade solutions at most home improvement stores, but you can mix an effective cleaner right at home. Use a mixture of 50% water and 50% standard laundry bleach. If your roof is badly stained, you can add in a cleaner based on trisodium phosphate, just make sure you stay away from ammonia-based cleaners.

Step 5 – Protect Your Yard – If you have nice grass or plants below your eaves, you may want to cover them before starting. The bleach mixture can be a little harsh on plants.

Step 6 – Soak the roof with your garden hose. Get all of the shingles damps before using the cleaning solution. The solution works best when it soaks into the fungus or algae to kill it.

Step 7 – Spray The Cleaning Solution – Put the cleaning solution into a lawn and garden sprayer. Spray every foot of your roof, making sure you don’t miss any spots. Let the cleaning solution soak on the roof for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 8 – Rinse With Water – It is time to head back on the roof with the garden hose. You may want to add a garden nozzle to the hose for this step. Spray the roof to remove the cleaning solution. Make sure you inspect the roof for remaining stains as you go. If you still have spots, repeat step 7. NOTE: Never use a pressure washer on your roof. The high pressure can knock off the gravel, lift shingles, and cause water leaks.)

It will take you several hours to clean your roof, but this simple process can make your home look better and extend the life of your shingles. Those nasty black spots and streaks will be gone, at least for now.