The Advantages Of Roof Replacement

A roof replacement can be quite costly but it has its benefits that are more convincing to any homeowners in a dilemma about whether or not to replace their roofs. Here are some of the top advantages of a roof replacement and why you should consider replacing your roof today.


1. By installing a new roof, you will increase your property value. If you ever end up putting your home on the market, you will sell faster and get a good offer for it because of a new roof.

2. Whenever your roof is damaged, you can always choose repair or replacement. Although repairing it will patch up the damage for a while it might end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Therefore, if you choose to replace your roof, you can count on a higher return on investment. As such, roof replacement is considered to be the most profitable home improvement project for most homeowners.

3. With a new roof, you can factor in energy efficiency features that allow you to save a lot more money especially when paying your utility bills. Your old roof might be leaking air forcing your AC unit to work harder to compensate for the temperature. Give your HVAC system a rest by choosing a roof replacement that saves a lot of energy.

4. A roof replacement is a cost effective project considering that it’s just a one-time payment. Patching up the damaged areas of your roof with simple repairs might force you to pay more money when the patch work doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. Once you replace your roof, you will take a long time before you start paying for repairs.

5. A new roof improves your curb appeal instantly. Take an instance where you have placed your home in the market to sell. Home buyers will be looking for a home in a good condition. A new roof is the easiest way to tell them that everything else is working properly. With a good first impression you’re bound to get a lot of good offers on your home.

6. Did you know that a new roof also provides some health benefits to your family and pets? Note that, there is a reduced risk of mold and mildew from water leakages so there are no respiratory problems likely to develop in the long-run. Invest in a new roof to keep everyone and pets inside safe and healthy.

Why Do You Need A Roof Replacement?

Why should a property owner take the time to invest in a new roof?

This is a question property owners have and it is one that should be answered before the investment is made.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why a roof replacement becomes necessary.

1) Damaged

This is often the number one reason for investing in a new roof. It can be damaged due to tree debris, animals, weather, or something else but this can be a sign to make changes.

Letting things stay as is can be a horrible idea and lead to major expenses.

2) Roof’s 25th Year Anniversary

Is the property old and starting to show its age? If that is the case, it is the roof that is going to take the brunt of the damage.

The roof will start to wear down as it gets closer to its 25th anniversary.

This can be a good time to invest in a new roof.

3) Granules In The Gutter

If there are granules present in the gutter than it is a clear sign of trouble.

Granules are designed to protect the roof and if they are falling off then the roof is aging. This is a good time to make the investment.

4) Light In The Attic

Is there light starting to peek through the roof and into the attic?

This is a very bad sign!

This is a sign for making the investment as soon as you can. If the light is coming through then the water is not going to be too far behind. You have to make changes immediately.

5) Sagging Roof

If the roof is starting to lose its shape and is sagging from the middle then a new roof is needed. A sagging roof is going to collapse and that is a cost you don’t want to deal with as a property owner. You want to keep it simple and replace the roof now.

6) Moss on the Roof

Yes, it is possible to have moss on the roof and this can be a real problem for property owners. It is going to start to chip away at the shingles and become impossible to repair. This is when a roof replacement becomes an ideal option and often the only solution.

These are the reasons to look at getting a roof replacement as soon as possible without dragging things along.

Roof Replacement Tips

Roof Replacement TipsRoof replacement jobs are either straight forward, hassle free or can be complex with a multitude of problems to solve. Either way, a roof replacement is generally hard work for the roofers and needs to be planned out carefully to minimise problems.

A new roof can be extremely rewarding for you, the property owner. Wether your planning on changing roof materials, changing color or both, your home will be the envy of your street. Not to mention the value added to your property.

I recommend seeking the services of a roofing professional before making any decisions, especially if you are thinking about changing roof material type. There are cases where the roof structure may not be able to support the material you are after and an inspection by a professional roofer will help assist making this decision.

For the typical roof replacement job, the process will include;

  • Removing and disposing of the old roof material
  • If required, repairs are carried out to the internal roof structure
  • Battens are fitted or adjusted if required to suit the new roof
  • Sarking can be fitted and any other internal roof work
  • The new roof material is laid
  • Ridge capping will be re-bedded and re-pointed
  • Sealing and caulking
Expenses of a Roof Replacement

Generally, a concrete tiled roof will be the least expensive to replace, followed then by a terracotta tiled roof and finally a colorbond roof.

A simple roof with double or single pitches, and has easy access will be cheapest. A property with steep pitched roofs, and a hard to access site will be more expensive. In addition, the height of the roof will affect the costs.

Most professional roofers will include the following in their quotes for a roof replacement;

  • Disposing of the original roof material
  • Costs for materials used for the job
  • Costs for labour
  • And expenses for the final tidy of the property
A New Roof Can Save You Money

A new roof, roof replacement or re-roof will is no doubt a large investment, one that most people wouldn’t have the money sitting around for.

However it’s worth noting that there are several monetary advantages;

Your roof won’t leak anymore thereby ceasing to deteriorate internal structure and contents which can be expense to repair/replace

Insulation can be addressed and upgraded at the time of the roof replacement saving you money on cooling and heating costs

A new roof will add value to your property not to mention aesthetic appearance increasing the marketability of your home

Problems that are small now will get worse over time and more expensive to fix.

Here we have included a video recorded by GCTIPS to give you an idea of what the process of replacing a roof looks like. Note that there are many types of roofs from many different countries around the world and your roof maybe completely different and require a different process to the one in this video.