Roof Restorations

Roof Restoration 5starA roof restoration can do wonders for your home or commercial property. A roof that is dirty or worn out will decrease the looks of your home and ultimately decrease the value of your home. In addition, any problems that exist with an old, worn out roof could be allowing internal damage to occur.

A roofing company we recommend in the Campbelltown region is Roof Restoration Campbelltown and a reputable company such as this will carry out a professional inspection of your roof and be able to provide you with an estimate for a roof restoration.

More importantly, the expert roofers will be able to quickly identify any major issues with your roof and report them back to you. This will help you make a decision on the action you need to take. Holding off and delaying any repairs to a faulty roof will end up costing you more in the long run.

Most of the roofs in the Campbelltown area are either metal roofs or concrete tiled roofs. The majority of homes are quite old and so are their roofs thus most are requiring attention in some form. The roof restoration process will identify issues that need repairing, will clean dirt, lichen and moss from your roof, and will include painting and sealing the roof.

This process will transform your roof from an old worn out roof into a brand-new looking roof. Your home will never look better!

In addition, the roof restoration process can include identifying issues with your guttering system. Faults in your guttering can also cause internal issues if water is leaking or overflowing into areas of the house it shouldn’t be. A gutter replacement can be carried out as part of the roof restoration.

We have found that home owners really appreciate being able to chose a new colour for their roof as part of the restoration. Some home owners elect to stick with the existing colour and some like to pick a new colour. Roof painting will be carried out as part of the job and can be applied to concrete tiles and metal roofs.

In summary, the advantages of a roof restoration include;

  • 100% improves the aesthetic appearance of your home
  • Will increase the value of your property
  • Removes years of build-up of lichen, moss and dirt
  • Includes rectification of any faults, e.g. broken tiles, repointing, etc.
  • Repainting/sealing of the roof which prolongs the life of the roof
  • Repainting allows for colour change if desired